Cogna Case Study

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How Brazil's largest education group turned data into knowledge

With over 2 millions students enrolled across their educational offerings, Cogna was drowning in data and aspired to deploy personalization at scale. LCG recommended innovation to their existent business model, now they are activating their data and transforming the industry.

  • 70% increase in conversion
  • Converted users earlier in their journey from unknown to known.
  • Leveraged customer preferences to personalize their digital experiences
  • Complete lifecycle tracking, from unknown ,to known, to enrolled
  • Ability to quickly pivot and optimize campaigns in real-time​

Cogna is the market leader because they are visionaries.  They pursue innovation and are quick to capture value through digital channels.   This led Cogna to bring a visionary’s dilemma to LCG; that is, how to personalize experiences when you don’t know the student? So LCG recommended that Cogna give their data a home through a customer data platform. LCG provided a comprehensive strategy to convert users from unknown to known, to enrich profiles and to activate relevant and personalized experiences.

Cogna Case Study

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